Be water wise on the hottest September weekend for 100 years

As the country prepares to bask in beautiful weather on the hottest September weekend for a century, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is urging people to stay safe in and around water.

Traditionally, the number of accidental drownings peaks during spells of warm weather, particularly when the warm conditions coincide with weekends. And with summer having been particularly disappointing this year, many people will be looking to make the most of this unseasonably hot weather.

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BSAC annual incident report

The closing date for incident submissions for BSAC’s Annual Incident Report is 21st October 2011. Every year, BSAC compiles a comprehensive Annual Incident Report to aid diver safety by sharing information and allowing all divers to learn from the reports of others’ misfortunes

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Exercise SULA report published

Exercise Sula was held in Scotland in May to test the UK’s response to an uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons into the sea from a deep water well. This was the first time an exercise has been held using a deep water scenario. It was also the first major, national exercise to incorporate all aspects of the national contingency plan (NCP) and the full establishment of various response cells.

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Chairs sought for waterways partnerships

The new waterways charity that will become the guardian of the canals and rivers in England and Wales from April next year is recruiting people to chair the Waterways Partnerships that will help shape the future of the waterways in each of the partnership areas. The role of each Partnership is to give local people a greater say and role in how their canals and rivers are run, working with local managers to develop strategies and plans and to build local involvement and participation in the waterways.

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The management of open water swimming events – Guidance safe operating procedures & risk assessment

The document includes all aspects to take in to consideration when organising an open water event. It explains the roles required to run an event, preparation work, safety procedures, risk assessments and how to set a course. It is designed to leave the organizers and officials feeling fully equipped and ready to launch their next event.

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Coastguard to give safety advice at Southampton Boat show

Having the right equipment on board your boat and knowing how to use it will be the focus of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s stand at this year’s Southampton Boat Show. Last year the MCA responded to over 22,000 incidents. The Coastguard’s primary aim is the saving and preservation of life and this includes giving advice to people to prevent them from getting into life-threatening situations in the first instance.

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Help plan the future – join new flood and coastal committee

The Environment Agency has vacancies on its three Anglian Regional Flood and Coastal Committees (RFCCs) and is keen to hear from people wanting to join. The RFCCs will play an important role in deciding local priorities, raising local levies and approving work. They also have a critical role in supporting the Environment Agency and Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) in working with communities and other partners to identify and bring in funding. They replace the former Regional Flood Defence Committees.

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A safer River Avon is unveiled

The Environment Agency, in partnership with The Avon Navigation Trust, is near completion of a two year project to implement new safety features along the River Avon.

Brand new barriers have been created at the top of five weirs, to make them safer for boats using the river. Improved health and safety signage and portage for canoeists has also been planned as part of the project.

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