Don’t Jump In – Whatever the circumstances

A dog walk nearly ended in a double tragedy today when an owner jumped into rough seas in an attempt to rescue his six month old puppy. It’s believed that the six month-old Springer Spaniel puppy jumped over the sea wall at Dawlish. The owner then tried to rescue the puppy by jumping after it into the water. Luckily a quick thinking member of the public threw a life ring to the owner who was then pulled out of water. Brixham Coastguard Watch Manager Matt Thornhill said:
Were reading wind speeds of Force 6 –7 and so the sea is very rough. At this time of year the sea is also very cold so it’s a really bad idea to try and rescue a dog from the water yourself. If you do attempt a rescue there is a chance that you will be swept out to sea or get overwhelmed by the cold, rough seas.

Don’t jump in, call 999 and ask for the coastguard.

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