Environment Agency issues waste water permit for Hinkley Point C

All waste water discharged from Hinkley Point, Somerset will have to undergo effluent treatment under strict new controls announced today by the Environment Agency. The Environment Agency is issuing a permit to NNB Generation Company Limited (NNBGenCo) for waste water discharges arising from site preparation for the proposed new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C. The permit also covers the waste water discharges that would arise from construction of the station if it obtains full planning permission. Brian Payne for the Environment Agency said:

“This permit will help ensure the company delivers the high level of environmental protection that we expect at Hinkley Point C. In reaching our decision we took into consideration the views of local people who responded to our consultation and we’d like to thank those who took the time to do so”

The permit’s requirements include the company having to:
– Construct Water Management Zones across the site to collect and control discharges;
– Implement new site drainage systems;
– Use modern effluent treatment units to control suspended solids and protect water quality; and
– Monitor and report their discharges and the performance of their treatment systems. Read more on the Environment Agency website…