Anglers lost in fog, guided to safety

Two anglers, who became disorientated in fog on a rising tide, were helped to safety last night by the Llantwit Major Coastguard Rescue Team and two lifeboats. Bernie Kemble, Swansea Coastguard Watch Manager says:

Before you set out on angling trip, make sure that you prepare well so that you can have a safe and enjoyable time:

1. Check the tide times – this information is widely available on the web. Be particularly aware of spring tides (we are experiencing them at the moment). A spring tide means that high water is higher than usual.

2. Check the weather forecast. Be aware of the potential for fog even following pleasant clear weather.

3. Wear reflective clothing and take a good torch with you.

4. Make sure that you take a means of contact with you (be aware that mobile phone coverage is patchy under cliffs etc).

5. Consider whether you need to wear a lifejacket – for example if you are fishing from rocks near the sea at night. Read more on the MCA website…