HM Coastguard remind divers to stop! Beware of decompression sickness

After two divers suffered decompression sickness this afternoon following rapid ascents, HM Coastguard would like to remind all divers of the importance of regular stops as they come to the surface.

Although separate incidents, both divers were treated and had to be rushed to hyperbaric chambers. H.M Coastguard advises that dives requiring decompression stops should be planned beforehand and taken. Any diver who has missed planned decompression stops could suffer from decompression illness.

Divers are also advised to make sure they are adequately qualified and experienced for the diving they plan to undertake, with a close eye on weather and sea conditions. Their personal fitness is a top priority for safe diving and they should be familiar with new or different gear before planning deep dives. If you are operating a dive boat check do a radio check with the Coastguard before heading out tell the Coastguard your planned destination and expected return time. If one of your divers has a problem contact the Coastguard straightaway. Read more on the MCA website…