Illegal cocklers apprehended at Burry Inlet

Officers from Environment Agency Wales have apprehended nine people for illegal cockling on the Bury Inlet near Llanrhidian, Swansea. Acting on information gathered, Agency officers, supported by South Wales Police, carried out an  investigation into illegal cockling in the area. During the investigation, nine local people were found in possession of cockles taken from the beds illegally. They have now been reported for fisheries offences and face possible legal action. More than four tones of cockles were seized but could not be returned to the cockle beds due to to the tide. Lyn Richards, from Environment Agency Wales said:

“This type of illegal activity threatens the livelihood of licensed cocklers and can be incredibly dangerous to people who may be unfamiliar with the tides. We strongly advise people not to try and take cockles illegally as they put themselves at risk of harm and of being prosecuted. Support from South Wales Police was vital to the success of this investigation.”
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