Whitsand Bay RNLI lifeguards rescue four teenage girls from rip current

RNLI lifeguards patrolling off Whitsand Bay in South-East Cornwall have rescued four girls from a rip current. The teenagers were swimming off Tregonhawke Beach when the incident happened at 1pm. Fortunately two RNLI lifeguards on patrol in their inshore rescue boat were passing by as the rip developed.

RNLI lifeguards Naomi Bishop and Charlie Gillett were carrying out a midday patrol along Whitsand Bay when they noticed the four teenagers caught in the rip current. They were able to pluck them to safety really quickly, which as Naomi explains, was good news; “It’s a great day to have been on the beach today, really sunny and sheltered. But the rip current developed very quickly and caught the girls out and they were quite shaken when we got them into the rescue boat. I’m just glad we were on patrol and in the immediate area when things started going wrong for them. It can be very frightening to be caught in a rip, so don’t panic, remain calm and let the rip take you. Don’t try to swim against it, go with it and keep hold of your board if you have one with you. Stick your hand in the air and shout for help and if you can, swim sideways until you are out of the rip current and then try to return to the shore.”

Conditions on the beaches in Whitsand Bay today were ideal, with lots of sun and shelter. But there was also a one and a half foot surf, choppy seas and it was very windy. Read more on the RNLI website…