Divers vital contribution to the definitive Incident Report

With the UK diving season now well underway, BSAC would like to remind anyone involved in or witnessing a diving incident this year to report it. Every year BSAC produces an Incident Report, which plays a key role in helping to understand trends in diving safety. By reporting an incident to BSAC, you can help contribute to the wide-spread practice of safe diving. As the UK Governing Body, BSAC has monitored and reported on diving incidents since 1964. Providing the most comprehensive database of incidents and trends, the BSAC Incident Report has influenced the development of safe diving and training practices across all agencies. The annual report contains details of UK diving incidents occurring to divers of all affiliations, plus incidents occurring world-wide involving BSAC members. Many groups, including the MCA, RNLI and other diving organisations feed into our system but the vast majority of reports come from individuals. The findings are presented by BSAC’s Safety Adviser Brian Cumming at the BSAC Diving Conference every autumn.

Brian said he applauded the courage and generosity of divers who contributed to the report so that lessons can be learnt and hoped others would follow suit: “Divers are central to this report, and their experiences are invaluable. Whilst some people may be reluctant to report an incident or ‘near miss’, BSAC would like to reassure contributors that any details supplied will be used anonymously.”

BSAC Incident reports can be submitted online at www.bsac.com/incidentreport