Pensioner rescued from the Mud at Crosby

A pensioner was rescued from the mud at Crosby Beach, Sefton this afternoon after she had been stuck for over an hour. She was found, stuck up to her waist, at 4pm today by RNLI beach lifeguards on a routine patrol of Crosby Beach, Sefton. The 70 year-old local woman had been trying to raise the alarm for over an hour by shouting at dog walkers and beach users (there were around 50 in the area) but they hadnt heard her.
The Lifeguards contact MRCC Liverpool to explain the situation. The Coastguard Rescue team from Crosby, who specialise in mud rescues, were sent to the scene and the woman was quickly pulled from the mud by the Coastguards with assistance from the lifeguards. Its believed that the recent heavy rain has created an area of mud approximately the size of four car park spaces in an area that is normally soft sand around 200m north of Seaforth docks. The woman was taken by the Crosby Coastguard Rescue team to Liverpool Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre where she recovered from her shock and exhaustion. Su Daintith Liverpool Coastguard Watch Manager said;
“Recent heavy rains have transformed some areas of soft sand in to quick sand. If you do become stuck in mud stay as calm as you can, spread your weight as much as possible and if you have a mobile phone dial 999 and ask for the coastguard. If you dont have a phone slowly wave your arms above your head and shout to try and attract attention. You should also discourage others from attempting to rescue you because without the proper equipment they could become stuck too”. Read more on the MCA website…