Training session by Happisburgh RNLI volunteers leads to dramatic rescue

With the ever changing coast line of North Norfolk, senior helmsman Tim Grimmer at Happisbugh RNLI took the opportunity to map the old sea defences on the evening of Thursday 5th July, with a very low tide making the job much easier.
While checking the reefs at 5.45pm, a small boat was seen against a reef.  The crew went to investigate and found a man trapped by ropes in the water beside the boat; the crew entered the water and cut the man free and recovered him into the lifeboat and gave him first aid for shock and suspected hypothermia. The man was then taken to the beach, where they were joined by RNLI Lifeguards, based at Sea Palling, who used their vehicle to transport the man up the beach to the awaiting ambulance. Had it not been for Happisburgh’s training session this evening, the outcome may have been much more serious and this highlights the dangers of going to sea alone. Read more on the RNLI website…