The closing date regarding incident submissions for BSAC’s Annual Incident Report is the 15th October 2012

Every year, BSAC compiles a comprehensive Annual Incident Report to aid diver safety by sharing information and allowing all divers to learn from the reports of others. The reporting year runs from 1st October to 30th September each year to fit with both the diving season and to allow compilation of the report in time for publication. It is important that all reports are submitted as soon as possible in order to be included in this year’s report and so we would remind all members to submit reports for any incidents, occurring between 1st October 2011 and 30th September 2012, by Monday 15th October. The report will be presented by BSAC’s Safety Adviser Brian Cumming at the BSAC Diving Conference at the NEC on Saturday, 27th October.
Copies of an electronic Incident Report Form are available for download at (where you can also download copies of previous reports).
Please note that all reports are treated in strictest confidence and reassurance that names and other identifying characteristics are not included in the published report. Read more on the BSAC website… 


Diver rescued from shipping lane in the channel

A diver was rescued from the North East shipping lane of the Dover Strait this afternoon after he was spotted in the water shouting for help. He was spotted in the middle of the Channel, near the Sandettie South West Buoy, at approximately quarter to four, by a passing ship. They called Dover Coastguard who immediately sent the RAF Rescue helicopter from Wattisham and the RNLI lifeboats from Walmer and Dover to the scene. Dover Coastguard also broadcast a warning to vessels in the area. Around twenty minutes later Dover Coastguard was told by a dive boat in the area that their diver was missing. Dover lifeboat was sent to the dive boat to find out more information about the missing person. Dover Coastguard Watch Manager Sarah Bray said:
“Were not sure how the diver came to be adrift in the shipping lane but he was lucky to be spotted by such a large vessel and rescued so quickly”.
The diver was diving solo and wearing the correct equipment for this time of year but we were unaware that a dive was taking place in our area. Divers are advised to make the Coastguard aware of their plans at the start of a dive operation for their own safety. Read more on the MCA website…