RNLI launches international development programme to help prevent drownings worldwide

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is to start actively stepping-up its overseas work, to help developing search and rescue-related organisations and reduce the estimated 1.2million drownings that occur around the world each year.

The charity’s new international development strategy aims to make a significant difference in reducing maritime incidents around the world by delivering a range of services, including consultancy and training, to search and rescue organisations worldwide.

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Ready, Set, Inflate! event breaks world record

Children and adults at Mudeford Quay, east Dorset helped to blow away the world record for life jacket inflations on 21 May as part of the worldwide Ready, Set, Inflate! day. The UK’s event saw 64 people inflate lifejackets and the UK was in the top three worldwide for the most inflations at a single event. There were 99 Ready, Set, Inflate! events on 21 May in the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia and the UK.

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Ready, Set, Inflate!

About 60 children and adults inflated their lifejackets en masse at Mudeford Quay, east Dorset on Saturday as part of the international Ready Set Inflate! event. It is the first time that the Maritime and Coastguard Agency has hosted Ready, Set, Inflate in the UK. And the MCA hopes that the event will help to promote the benefits of wearing a well maintained lifejacket to the boating community. People in Canada and America will also be participating in Ready Set Inflate and the organisers hope to break the world record for simultaneous lifejacket inflations.

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UK’s work on drowning prevention to be showcased at global event

A speaker from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents will be among those taking to the podium at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention next week. The conference, being held in Vietnam from May 10-13, aims to focus world attention on the global burden of drowning and how it can be reduced. The World Health Organisation estimates that there are 388,000 drowning deaths worldwide each year. In the UK, drowning is among the leading causes of accidental death; in 2009, 405 people died from accidents or natural causes in water across the country.

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