MGN 456 (M) Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY3)

LY3 has been developed by an industry working group in order to keep up with developments in the industry and amendments. LY3 has been published now in response to requests from industry to assist designers and builders preparing new designs.

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MCA Marine Guidance Note MGN 452 (M): ELECTRICAL – Potential Hazards of Arc Flash Associated with High and Low Voltage Equipment

Notice to all Ship-owners, Ship Operators, Masters and Officers of Ships, Ship Designers, Shipbuilders and Manufacturers of Marine Electrical Equipment. This MGN highlights potential hazards of arc flash associated with high and low voltage electrical equipment onboard vessels.
Key Points:
– The best approach for electrical safety to prevent an arc flash incident is to only perform work on de-energised equipment that has been placed into an electrically safe condition.
– After control measures to reduce the risk of an arc flash have been investigated/ implemented, protective clothing and PPE requirements should be carefully selected.
– One of the major hazards associated with an arc flash is burn injury from the exposure to the thermal energy from an arc flash.
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MCA Marine Guidance Note MGN 453 (M): Fire Protection Onboard Vessels

MCA Marine Guidance Note MGN 453 (M): Fire Protection – Fire Retardant Treatment for Floor Coverings, Suspended Textile Materials, Upholstery Materials and Bedding Components for use Onboard Vessels Certified Under the MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code.

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MCA Marine Guidance Note MGN 445 (M+F): Lifeboats: Fitting of ‘Fall Preventer Devices’

MCA Marine Guidance Note MGN 445 (M+F): Lifeboats: Fitting of ‘Fall Preventer Devices’ to Reduce the Danger of Accidental On-load Hook Release. Notice to all Shipowners; Masters; Deck Officers; Manufacturers of lifeboats and launching appliances and Training establishments, this notice replaces MGN 388 (M+F). New requirements from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), have introduced standards for all Lifeboat Release and Retrieval Systems (LRRS), including those installed on existing ships. Existing systems that do not comply with the revised LSA Code as per SOLAS III/1.5 must be replaced by the first scheduled dry-docking after 1 July 2014, and not later than 1 July 2019.  The MCA strongly urges that all UK vessels fitted with lifeboat on-load release systems should be equipped with fall preventer devices (FPD) pending the evaluation of the systems for compliance with the requirements of the revised LSA Code. Read the report on the MCA website… 

MCA Marine Guidance Note MGN 442 (M): Alternative Training Standards for Crew Taking Part in Helicopter Operations on Large Commercial Yachts

This document provides guidance on the alternative training standards for Helicopter Landing Officers (HLOs) and Helideck Landing Assistants (HDA) working on large commercial yachts with helicopter decks complying with the Large Commercial Yacht Code or the Code of Practice for Yachts Carrying 13 to 36 Passengers (The Passenger Yacht Code). Read more on the MCA website…